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7 Easy Steps for Building a Scalable Threat Modeling Process

From Security Architects and Developers to CISOs and key stakeholders, oftentimes DevSecOps struggle to implement and scale a successful threat modeling practice across their enterprise.

Threat modeling doesn’t have to be a drain on time-cost resources, it should empower organizations to be proactive in their security approach. With ThreatModeler, DevSecOps can automate threat modeling, integrate with CI/CD toolchain and collaborate across teams. Learn how to implement a successful and scalable threat modeling program the right way in 7 easy steps.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:
  • How threat modeling is imperative to proactive security and why companies are racing to integrate or establish automated threat modeling into their workflows.
  • Why it’s essential to identify and mitigate threats early in the software development lifecycle with security built in and how it can save valuable time and countless dollars.
  • How threat modeling enables automation, integration, and collaboration across global teams to improve efficiency and maximize cybersecurity across the enterprise ecosystem.

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Download 7 Easy Steps for Building a Scalable Threat Modeling Process