Download the Data Sheet: Build vs. Buy

Large organizations transitioning their security practice to incorporate threat modeling at scale often consider building an automated threat modeling platform themselves, rather than buy one. Before taking that route, there is much to consider that is often overlooked in the initial decision to build.

ThreatModeler gives you points of consideration before you embark on this in-built automated threat modeling quest without being fully armed with the facts beforehand. There is far more to consider than simply the technological costs of building and standing up an internal threat modeling platform, including the dangers of getting stuck with your solution choice.

In the Build vs. Buy data sheet, ThreatModeler explains the benefits of implementing its next generation automated threat modeling platform, including the:
  • Threat Research Center
  • Bidirectional API to "set your data free" plus the
  • Patented innovative features

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Download the Data Sheet: Build vs. Buy