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DevSecOps: Blueprint for Cybersecurity - Achieve Security By Design in 30 Days

ThreatModeler is an automated threat modeling platform that enables enterprises to identify attack surface threats for prioritizing and remediating. Learn from the security experts at ThreatModeler how to facilitate a DevSecOps transformation across the enterprise.

As cyber attacks continue to threaten organizations in uncertain times of remote work and an expanding attack surface, threat modeling has become a vital process to design, build and manage secure applications and infrastructure across all industries.

DevSecOps embeds security into all aspects of the technology development life cycle. Within DevSecOps, CISOs, security architects and developers - along with stakeholders collaborate to ensure that security is shifted left and considered as early as the planning and design stages.

In this paper, you'll learn how to implement a DevSecOps program that includes automated threat modeling that enables collaboration and integration with technology toolchain:
  • The evolution of DevOps into DevSecOps and the benefits
  • Key DevSecOps tools and processes
  • How to shift security left within cloud architectures

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Download DevSecOps: Blueprint for Cybersecurity - Achieve Security By Design in 30 Days