Download the Data Sheet: ThreatModeler - Driving Security in DevOps

Security awareness has increased throughout the years, but so has the prevalence of powerful hacking approaches and tools available to attackers of all skill levels. The need to secure an organization's attack surface is crucial in today’s highly interconnected cyber ecosystem. Businesses are hard-pressed to ensure potential threats don’t become actual exploits with costly repercussions.

One of the most effective methods used to ensure application security during the design process is threat modeling, a process that enables DevOps to shift their security approach from reactive data breach remediation to proactive, systematic mitigation of potential threats. This process takes place during the design stage and lasts throughout the SDLC.

In this Data Sheet you'll learn:
  • The importance of threat modeling.
  • Why ThreatModeler is the only choice for automated threat modeling that enables collaboration, integration and threat model scaling across the enterprise.
  • Differentiators that set ThreatModeler leagues ahead of the rest.

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Download the Data Sheet: ThreatModeler - Driving Security in DevOps